Q: What does FTA stand for? A: FTA stands for “failure to appear” FTA is an acronym for failure to appear in Maryland Courts.  Although it may be used in other States as an abbreviation. If you have FTA’d, that means you have failed to show up in Court after being notified of the Court date. Q: What happens if I FTA for Court? A: If you FTA for Court, then the Court will do one of three things: Reissue a summons for your appearance; Issue a show cause; Issue a bench warrant. Q: What should I do if I FTA? A: If you FTA and the Court reissues a summons, then the sheriff or another persona associated with the Court will try and serve that summons. If they serve the summons up…Read More

You’ve been hurt in an accident, whether it’s a car, truck, motorcycle or you were on a bicycle walking as a pedestrian.  Accidents are common in Maryland and if you were injured in an auto accident in Baltimore, then you will want to speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. Auto accidents happen everyday in Maryland, and some figures put that number at 400-500 accidents a day.  Many accidents go unreported, which can prove to be damaging to the injured parties.  If you have been involved in an accident, you should report the auto accident to the police as soon after the accident as possible, preferably at the scene of the accident. Auto Accident Lawyers in Baltimore Baltimore…Read More

Criminal charges are no laughing matter. You don’t want one mistake to ruin the rest of your life.  That’s why it is so important to hire a lawyer for your criminal charges in Baltimore, Maryland. Criminal defense lawyers are trained and experienced in defending the rights of individuals charged with crimes. They know the consequences of the crimes and the possible defenses to each crime. So how can a criminal defense lawyer help you if you’ve been charged with a crime? Advise You of the Maximum Penalties If you don’t know what you’re facing in terms of jail, probation, fines, court costs and other consequences, then you will be challenged in making a informed …Read More

Car Accident Lawyer in Baltimore: What to Look For. Car accidents are common occurrence, as many as 35,000 crashes in Maryland for 2005.  That doesn’t make them any less devastating for the individuals who are hurt and have to pick up the pieces after the fact. When you’re a victim of a car wreck in Baltimore, getting the help of the right injury attorney can make a world of difference. It can mean the difference between healing and struggling with the effects of the accident for many years afterward. At Rice Law LLC, we have experienced and dedicated attorneys who know the laws around traffic collisions and the resulting injuries. When you need a car accident lawyer in Baltimore,…Read More

What to look for in a car accident lawyer in Dundalk, Maryland Car accidents in Dundalk, Maryland can be a common occurrence, whether they happen on Merritt Boulevard of Dundalk Avenue. Any accident is serious to the people involved. You shouldn’t have to pay for a car accident if you were not the one at fault. The “at fault” party should be held responsible and they should pay for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.  When you are the victim of a car wreck, getting the best Dundalk car accident lawyer can be the difference between a painful experience or a successful outcome. Call 410.288.290o to discuss your case and let us fight the powerful insurance com…Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident? Getting into a car accident can be one of the most traumatizing experiences in your life. Although getting any medical care should be your first priority, there are additional steps you must take in order to protect yourself. Doing everything by the book is especially vital if down the line you decide to seek legal recourse. At the Scene – Car Accident If you or anyone else in your vehicle is injured, dial 911 to dispatch emergency responders to the scene. Explain the situation to the operator and remember to mention any landmarks to get personnel to the site as quickly as possible. Turn on emergency flashers and exit the vehicle if you’re physically…Read More

How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer After being hurt in an accident, one of the last things on your mind may be hiring legal representation. However, a personal injury lawyer can ensure your rights are being protected and you receive appropriate compensation. The following strategies will put you in touch with an experienced attorney who can help you reach a fair settlement following your accident. Call the office today and speak with attorney Randolph Rice at 410.288.2900. Ask for Referrals Word of mouth is an important step in locating a personal injury lawyer who will agree to represent you. Friends and family members are a good starting off point when searching for a lawyer. Also, if yo…Read More

Ocean City Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Do you need an Ocean City Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer? Have you been charged with a crime, DUI, DWI, or traffic violation in Ocean City, Maryland? You want the best possible representation to defend your case.  Look no further, call attorney Randolph Rice at 410.288.2900 to discuss your case and what to do next. Criminal Charges in Ocean City, Md. Everyone loves heading down to the Ocean in the summer.  But often, when people drink too much or get into a bad situation, they find themselves in the custody of the Ocean City police department.  When this happens, you are worried about what will happen next? Will I go to jail? Do I have to retu…Read More

How to Choose a Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer When you’re facing accusations of criminal misconduct, finding an effective criminal defense lawyer is critically important. Knowing you have a passionate advocate, skilled negotiator, and partner in your case can not only help minimize the impact on you and your loved ones, but also give you peace of mind. Call attorney Randolph Rice at 410.288.2900 to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your case. Get the Best Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyer Criminal defense attorneys represent those who are charged with criminal conduct or are a defendant in a filed lawsuit. Able criminal defense lawyers will be familiar with the court system adj…Read More

Maryland Truck accident attorneys. Accidents happen. However, if you have been injured in the event of an auto accident, it doesn’t mean you should be forced to deal with the consequences on your own. In the event of a trucking accident, the other vehicle is likely much larger than yours. This puts you at a substantial risk, not only to suffer damage to your own car, but injuries and medical issues as well. Truck drivers have a responsibility to themselves, their companies and the general public to drive safely and adhere to all legal driving requirements. Most do, yet from time to time, a driver does make an accident, which can leave you suffering financially, physically or mentally. …Read More