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Second Degree Assault Maryland - Maryland Assault Defense Lawyer G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 17, 2014

Second Degree Assault Maryland

second degree assault marylandDo you need a lawyer for second degree assault in Maryland?  Call attorney G. Randolph Rice Jr., at 410-288-2900 to schedule a free consultation.  You can also click here to email the office directly.

Q: What are the second degree assault Maryland penalties?

A: If you are convicted of second degree assault in Maryland, the maximum penalty is 10 years in jail and $2500 fine or both.

Q: Is second degree assault...

Lawyer for Driving Suspended License Maryland - G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 16, 2014

Lawyer for Driving on A Suspended License in Maryland

Call attorney Randolph Rice at 410-288-2900 for immediate legal help in Maryland.  You can also email the office to schedule a FREE consultation.  A conviction for driving on a suspended license in Maryland can result in jail time, don't take chances with your freedom.


Dundalk Maryland Lawyer - G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 14, 2014

Dundalk Maryland Lawyer - G. Randolph Rice, Jr.

Dundalk Maryland LawyerDo you have a pressing legal matter in Dundalk, Maryland and you need a lawyer to help with your:

Criminal case DUI DWI Drunk driving case Car accident case Truck accident case Pedestrian accident case Medical malpractice case

Call attorney G. Randolph Rice, Jr., at 410-288-2900 or email him directly for immediate help.  Dundalk Maryland Lawyer G. Randolph Rice, Jr., can schedule a free...

What is a Stet Dispostition in Maryland Court - Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 9, 2014

What Is a Stet Disposition

A Stet is a status of a criminal case in a Maryland Court.  When a case is marked Stet, it means that the case is inactive and it will not be prosecuted as long as the defendant abides by the conditions of the Stet.  The Stet is a initiated by the State's Attorney and they Judge must approve the Stet.  When a case is marked Stet, that means the file is placed on a shelf for three years.  The first year the case can be reopened for any reason and the following two years it can only be reopened upon a showing of good cause to the Court.  After three years, the case can be expunged.  If you have a criminal law case and you need an attorney to help you in Maryland, call the Law Offices of G. Randolph Rice, Jr., LLC, at 410-288-2900 or ...

Marijuana Law Change in Maryland 2014

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 8, 2014

Maryland Marijuana Law Change 2014

marijuana law changes in MarylandApril 2014 - The Maryland House of Delegates have decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana in Maryland.  It is expected Governor O'Malley will sign the legislation.  Below is an excerpt from new marijuana law in Maryland.

Article – Criminal Law


(a) Except as otherwise provided in this title, a person may not:

(1) possess or administer to another a controlled dangerous substance, unless obtained directly or by prescription or order from an authorized provider acting in the course of professional...

Criminal Case Search Maryland - Maryland Judicial Case Search

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 7, 2014

How to Navigate the Maryland Judiciary Case Search

Do you need to find a case in the Maryland Courts?  We have put together this helpful guide for using the Maryland Judiciary Case Search System.

Click here to access the Maryland Court Case Search Database.

Once you find that page, you will be presented with this screen.


Domestic Violence Bill Passed in Maryland General Assembly Increasing Penalty When Children Present

Written by G. Randolph Rice, Jr. on April 4, 2014

Enhanced Penalty for Individuals Who Commit an Assault in Front of a Child in Maryland.

Maryland Domestic Violence LawyerThe Maryland Legislature has passed a bill that would punish people who commit domestic violence in front of a child.  The bill, which goes to the governor’s desk, will provide a penalty of more jail time as passed by the Maryland General Assembly.


The House of Delegates gave the measure final approval Thursday. It will...

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