Driving an Uninsured Vehicle

Received a Citation for Driving an Uninsured Vehicle in Maryland?

Driving “uninsured” is a common citation received by Maryland drivers. Most of the time, the Defendant had no idea that the car did not have insurance. For example, you borrow your friend’s car to go to the store or he/she lets you have it for the weekend.

Unfortunately, you get pulled over and are now facing a 12 point violation and one year in jail. What if you didn’t know the car you were driving did not have insurance? In Maryland, knowledge is not a defense to driving an uninsured vehicle. You are supposed to inquire as to whether or not the car has insurance BEFORE you drive it. Who does that? Virtually no one.

From my own personal experience as a Maryland traffic violation lawyer, most of these cases work out well. That’s the good news. However, each situation is different and you should consult with a Maryland traffic lawyer if you are charged with driving an uninsured vehicle in Maryland.

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